Ellen O'Sullivan
Consultant Anaesthetist
St James's Hospital
Prof Ellen O’Sullivan is a graduate of University College Cork and trained in anaesthesia in the UK and John Hopkins University in the US. In 1999, she returned to Ireland to take up a post as a consultant anaesthetist at St James’s Hospital in Dublin. She is a Fellow both of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland and the Royal College of Anaesthetists in the UK. 
Her clinical practice and research involves all aspects of complex airway management. 
Her work in Uganda and Malawi forms an important part of her career and her early contributions to validating a tool to measure blood oxygen saturation, called the LifeBox Pulse-Oximetry project, has been rolled out worldwide. 
She has held many leadership roles including Vice-President of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI), and received the prestigious John Snow Silver Medal in 2013 for her contributions. 
As immediate Past-President of the College of Anaesthetists, she is actively involved in the development and delivery of medical training and education and had just recently been appointed as the new Chair of the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies.
She led the largest ever national audit in anaesthesia in Ireland, NAP5, which won the overall award at the Irish Healthcare Awards in 2015 and was co-author and signatory of The Helsinki Declaration for Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology, which has been adopted by the World Health Organisation.