Entry Hints and Tips

Whether you are a new entrant determined to make it onto the shortlist, or a past winner hoping to reclaim the crown, take a look at our hints and tips below to ensure that your entry is completed in the best way possible.

1) Start Early:

The key to a successful entry is to start early. Take the time to understand the categories, criteria, and submission requirements. Begin preparing your entry well in advance to allow ample time for research, data collection, and writing a compelling narrative.

2) Do Not Forget to Proof:

Proofread your submission thoroughly and ensure that you've addressed all the requirements of the application. Don't forget to check for any grammatical or spelling errors.

3) Address the Criteria:

Once you’ve decided the category you want to enter and what to include, you now have to complete your entry online. All of our categories have tailored criteria for you to refer to before and during the entry process. Read the criteria carefully and answer the questions.

4) Focus on Innovation:

Innovation is highly valued in the Irish Healthcare Awards. If your project or initiative involves novel approaches, technologies, or methodologies, emphasise these aspects. Explain how your innovative ideas have led to improved patient care, cost savings, or other positive outcomes.

5) Collect Supporting Data:

Back up your claims with solid evidence. Gather data, statistics, case studies, or any other relevant information that validates the effectiveness and impact of your work. Ensure the data is accurate, up-to-date, and presented in a clear and concise manner.

Entry Early Bird Rate Available Until:

Monday 10 June 2024