Coronavirus statement

Please check back regularly as this statement from Emap, the owner of the Irish Healthcare Awards and Irish Medical Times, will be continuously updated. 

Emap COVID-19 statement

We have received a number of enquiries as to the steps emap is taking to mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19 at our upcoming events. The Irish Healthcare Awards will take place as scheduled unless otherwise notified. We continue to plan confidently for our events.

Entries for the awards will continue ahead as planned. Plans are currently being put in place to ensure that our stringent judging process goes ahead undisrupted and that our shortlist and winners still receive the incredible exposure and recognition that the Irish Healthcare Awards has to offer. So please do continue to send in your entries here.

We are, however, very much aware that the coronavirus situation is evolving. We are monitoring, and will continue to monitor, the Irish and global situation, and will act upon any official advice from the Irish Government. Your health is of primary importance to us so please be assured that we, and our event venues and partners are acting upon all official advice received to ensure your safety and to help minimise the spread of the virus. We are in regular contact with our partners, as well as the appropriate authorities, including travel and health advisory bodies nationally and globally.

Mindful of our duty of care we are carefully considering and consulting with experts on what the appropriate sanitary, health and other measures should be and we can assure you that all appropriate measures will be in place at our events. COVID-19 is presenting the business events industry with an unprecedented global challenge. Emap are passionate believers in the substantial social and economic power of events. We feel it is our responsibility along with the industries we serve to focus on the facts and to act on common sense and sound judgement, taking the advice of the relevant authorities and scientists.

The position for Ireland is currently ‘business as usual’ and we feel it is our responsibility to follow that advice. We ask that you please act responsibly when attending our events and follow the Irish Government advice regarding travel. We will of course keep you updated on any developments with regards to our events.

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