Entry Guidelines

 Your entry must follow the format below...


1) Company/Organisation Name


2) Introduction

A 15-25 word descriptive statement outlining what your project is about. This may be used by Irish Medical Times in coverage of the Awards.

3) Objectives

Clearly define, with tangible targets and expected outcomes, what you set out to achieve.

4) Implementation, Tactics and Strategy

Having identified your objectives, what strategy was developed to achieve these objectives and what tactics were implemented to deliver on this? In short, what did you do?

5) Outcomes

Crucially, provide evidence of the relationship between your project’s outcomes and the stated objective(s) and how this relationship was evaluated.

6) Support Material (if appropriate)

Support material should only be included if you believe, after careful analysis, that it adds strength to your entry. After all, sometimes ‘less is more’. Support material may include booklets, posters, DVDs, CDs, audit packs, disease management packages, distance learning publications, scientific papers, etc.

Uploading your entry

Please upload your entry form as either a Word document or PDF. It should be no longer than two sides of an A4 sheet using a type size no smaller than 10 point.

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