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An Duais Mhór is a unique category that cannot be entered, as the winner is chosen by the judges as the overall outstanding person, project or organisation chosen from all of the category winners. It really is the ultimate accolade to take home on-the-night!

Entry deadline extended to Friday 27 August 

Response to Covid-19 by a Hospital, Patient Group, Doctor or Institution

This one-off award recognises the effectiveness, ingenuity and excellence of projects or initiatives, aimed at or created/developed by healthcare management, hospital doctors, GPs, nurses, pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, among others, in Ireland, in urgent response to the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic with the ultimate aims of ensuring the sustainability of the Irish health response and/or the health and well-being of the general Irish public, including the at-risk populations.

€ 235.00 +VAT (23%)
Submissions should demonstrate:
•The initial idea (aim), its development (problems faced) and growth (solutions created).
• Delivery/provision of the response.
• Improved outcomes.
• Improved efficiencies.
• Cost-effective delivery.
• Innovation: Unique features with specific measurable outcomes will also score highly.

Criteria that the judges will score against:
• Access
• Safety
• Impact on local and/national healthcare structure/well-being.
• Impact on healthcare/national structure workers (are they able to work better and in what way?)
• Impact on healthcare/national structure including in the vulnerable patients, if any.

The judges will score based on:
1) The overall effect achieved by the person/organisation nominated
2) The number of patients benefitting
3) The gain to patients – lives saved, disease limited etc
4) The potential to repeat or copy the best practice (if relevant)
5) Improved efficiencies/cost effectiveness

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Innovation in Healthcare and Medicine

This award is to recognise innovation in healthcare that increases efficiency in delivery, improves patient outcomes, reduces costs or procedures, or introduces a new and effective service, treatment, or system that improves patient care. Innovations in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic will also be considered where healthcare staff have innovated to provide services relating to the pandemic.

€ 235.00 +VAT (23%)

Judges will be looking for:

1) Demonstrable patient benefit

2) Possible Covid-19 management or treatment

3) A ‘new’ way of working that has wider possible application

4) Excellence in strategy, conception and execution

GP of the Year

We are looking for the GP who has had an exceptional year, but also for someone who has a long track record in general practice and medicine. This award is for an outstanding individual, but someone who has shined especially bright during the pandemic.

Free entry

The judges are looking for:

1) Someone with a long track record in general practice

2) A GP who has innovated and updated service in general practice

3) Outstanding work in fighting Covid-19

4) A GP who is an example to others – a leader, a teacher, an innovator

5) A GP whose patients have received an excellent service throughout the pandemic

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    Hospital Manager of the Year

    This award seeks to recognise a Hospital Manager who has made an outstanding contribution to their institution’s performance in the previous year. We invite detailed applications from hospital managers themselves or nominations from their management colleagues/medical staff.

    Submissions should demonstrate:
    • An exceptional person that has made a real difference their hospital’s performance.
    • Commitment to professionalism and delivering patient-focused services.
    • Evidence that their individual efforts and imagination have improved their hospital’s performance; for example, through improvement projects, effective leadership or team communication, strong business/financial management skills.
    • Understanding of local population needs.
    • Credit will be given to applications with evidence supporting their contribution to effective hospital operation and overcoming significant obstacles.
    • Innovation: Unique features with specific measurable outcomes will also score highly.

    Criteria that the judges will score against:
    • Clear evidence of the Hospital Manager’s impact on their patients, hospital, the local community, Irish health service or profession.
    • Evidence of exceptional local/and or national leadership, imagination and/or innovation and how these qualities have influenced the outcome of their work and the performance of their practice or profession.
    • Robust data collection and analysis, showing measured improvements of the targeted performance (e.g. patient care, including clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness).
    • The sustainability of the changes/improvements observed.
    • Management of the Covid-19 crisis in terms of protecting staff, keeping services going for non-Covid-19 patients and providing information on and facilities for dealing with Covid-19

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    Best Use of Information Technology

    This award is for the innovative use of information technology in a healthcare context to improve efficiencies and deliver better patient care. It includes systems that produce savings both in terms of personnel, revenue or patient time.
    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    The judges will be looking for:

    1) A practical application that improves efficiency or care

    2) Cost savings – if applicable

    3) Time savings – if applicable

    4) Ease of use

    5) Potential Covid applications

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    Educational Meeting of the Year (webinar)

    This award is for the best webinar/meeting of the year. This year while medical meetings in person have been impossible, the standard in production and presentation of webinars has increased across the healthcare arena.
    This award is for the company, person or institution that has produced the best/most educational meeting of 2021
    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The criteria judges will be using to assess the winner will be:
    1) Educational Content
    2) Use of technology in illustrating concepts and ideas
    3) Relevance and importance of message
    4) Attendance
    5) Presentation
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    Equality Initiative of the Year

    This award recognises those companies, individuals, institutions and organisations that have strived to create a more equal world by encouraging those who would not traditionally have had easy access or entry into a discipline to participate fully in it. It also may recognise initiatives that have allowed patients to live a more equal and successful life by creating circumstances allowing them to full participate in life.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will look for:
    1) Policies and initiatives that improve equality and have been proven to work
    2) Instances of equality success
    3) Take-up and public participation
    4) The creation of wider public knowledge of the initiative and equality in general

    Your entry must follow our
    Entry Guidelines

    General Practice of the Year

    We are looking for outstanding GP teams who are striving to improve patient care and who have managed the Covid-19 pandemic successfully. We seek to recognise the work of a GP practice in terms of manging the vaccination process, taking care of non-Covid-19 patients, protecting staff, communicating with the public and generally dealing successfully with the pandemic.
    Projects submitted should showcase hard work, innovation, teamwork, leadership and dedication taking place in local surgeries across Ireland.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    The judges will be looking for:

    1) How the practice dealt with Covid-19

    2) How the practice protected its own staff

    3) What the practice did to maintain support for non-Covid patients

    4) Innovative ways in which the practice dealt with the Covid crisis

    5) The dedication and extra work put in by staff

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    Hospital Project of the Year

    For projects aimed at, or created/developed by, hospital doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other hospital-based healthcare professionals in a hospital setting. This is a project that may or may not involve a Covid-19 response. The winner will be a project that truly enhances the care a hospital gives and something that makes it demonstrably better than it was in terms of patient care.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will award the prize to the entrant that:
    1) Had a positive effect on their own hospital
    2) Has the potential to be done in other hospitals
    3) Has improved the care of patients
    4) Has helped HCPs to do their work more efficiently

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    International Prize of the Year

    Through this new prize we celebrate some projects that are improving health and care in other jurisdictions around the world. The award involves the submission of an original project of work on a health issue taking in actors from countries abroad, including Irish or Irish-trained healthcare professionals in the diaspora, and that the project outcomes are beneficial for their local populations. Can/has it been applied to other regions and/or countries (and hopefully Ireland) as well. The projects presented here cover a wide range of health themes.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    Submissions should demonstrate either and/or:
    • Projects that either help patients and healthcare professionals to manage a certain condition, or to preventatively stay healthy.
    • Projects that innovate the health and care system and the way it works. This includes projects which are related to interoperability as well as those implemented through innovation procurement; and
    • ICT solutions for Health, Care, Well-being etc; among others.

    Criteria that the judges will score against:
    • Project Objectives: Clearly define, with tangible targets and expected outcomes, what the project set out to achieve.
    • Implementation, Tactics and Strategy: Having identified the objectives, what strategy was developed to achieve these objectives and what tactics were implemented to deliver on this? In short, what did you do?
    • Outcomes: How robust is the evidence of the relationship between the project’s outcomes and the stated objective(s) and how this relationship was evaluated.

    Your entry should follow our Entry Guidelines

    Mental Health Initiative of the Year

    This special award is a direct response to the increase in rates of mental health problems in Ireland, unfortunately expected to have further spiked amidst the Covid-19 pandemic which wrought social isolation, fear, job losses and financial stressors.
    This prize also flags that mental health has traditionally been stigmatised and underfunded in Ireland, while recognising efforts to combat this serious social issue.The award recognises that there is still much to understand and address in the area of the causes, prevention and treatment of mental health illness, and makes a statement about the importance of facilitating best international practice in mental healthcare.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    Submissions should demonstrate:

    Entries for the Mental Health Initiative of the Year Award will demonstrate the advancement of research, treatments, awareness, policies, advocacy, scaled-up quality interventions and services for people with mental health conditions.

    Criteria that the judges will score against:
    Judges will highlight individuals, groups and companies in the Irish healthcare sector who have demonstrably improved access to and developed initiatives to improve access and quality care for mental health conditions — including substance use and neurological disorders — in order to create healthy, inclusive environments for society in support of mental well-being.

    The judges will especially seek:
    1) People who have raised awareness of mental health issues
    2) Organisations who have led the way in terms of policies regarding people with mental health issues
    3) Projects and campaigns that have helped people with mental illness and promoted their full participation in society
    4) How the project advanced the treatment and acceptance of people with mental health issues

    Your entry must follow our Entry Guidelines .

    NCHD Project of the Year

    The best initiative implemented by an individual NCHD or team of NCHDs, aimed at quality improvement, education or training, enhancing hospital procedures or improving communication between healthcare professionals.
    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The project will be judged on:
    • Its relevance to patients
    • Its execution and implementation
    • Its adaptability to other hospitals and institutions
    • The improvement in quality it brings to patients’ illnesses
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    Nursing Project of the Year

    This award is for a nurse- or midwife-led project that recognises the effectiveness of initiatives with clearly defined results and outcomes, originated by an individual nurse or midwife or a team. The advent of Covid-19 has limited the number of nursing projects attempted this year, but in turn, there have been many projects initiated to deal with the fallout of the pandemic.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will make the award based on:
    1) The usefulness of the project in terms of managing patients
    2) The reduction of pain or risk during covid to patients
    3) If the project made a difference to patient care

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Outpatient Initiative of the Year

    This award recognises innovation or excellence shown in an outpatient setting, for a project aimed at improving the quality of care delivered to this category of patients. This category was especially important this year in terms of delivering services and maintaining services to patients in the pandemic, so this year, the award also recognises initiatives designed to maintain and enhance outpatient services during the Covid-19 crisis.
    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will be looking for:
    1) An improvement in services which is specific to outpatients
    2) Keeping the service going as normally as possible during Covid-19
    3) A project that demonstrably improves patient outcomes
    4) A project that makes it easier for patients to attend, or increases attendance

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Patient Education Project of the Year — Pharmaceutical

    For projects that have been established or supported by the pharmaceutical industry, aimed at educating patients, carers and the general public. Also included in this category are projects and initiatives designed to educate the public on vaccination, prevention of Covid-19 spread and other pandemic-related initiatives.
    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    Your entry must follow our Entry Guidelines

    Patient Education Project of the Year — Non-Pharmaceutical

    This award normally goes to Patient Group – who are also eligible this year – but this year is also extended to any group educating the public about illness. In this year of 2021, that’s very likely to be Covid-19 – and we are looking for the person, institution, non-pharma company or organisation that has done the most to educate the public on a disease or illness.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will be looking for a campaign or an education project that:

    1) Improved patient knowledge and understanding on a certain topic
    2) Overcame the Covid restrictions and still got out an important message
    3) Educated the public on vaccines – or any other aspect of public health on Covid
    4) Dismantled the arguments of non-scientific groups who put out misinformation on Covid or other diseases
    5) Advocated for a scientific approach to vaccines, pandemics, disease and healthcare

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Patient Organisation Project of the Year

    This award recognizes the work of patient organizations and their efforts to educate both the public and their own patients on issues related to their disease or condition.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    Submissions should demonstrate:
    The need and effectiveness of the project in terms of patient or public education – especially in a time when Covid-19 has dominated headlines and made publicity for other conditions difficult.

    The judges will look for:
    1) Evidence that the project has had an impact on public/patient knowledge
    2) A demonstration of how widely the message was spread
    3) How the project managed the Covid aspect of healthcare today
    4) Patient improvement achieved through the project

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Practice Nurse of the Year

    This award seeks to recognise a Practice Nurse who has made an outstanding contribution to patient care in their sphere. It is open to all qualified Practice Nurse practising in Ireland. We invite applications from both Practice Nurses themselves and nominations from practice colleagues.

    Free entry

    The judges will look our for:
    1) An outstanding individual
    2) Demonstrable improvement in patient care
    3) A person who encourages and improves others
    4) A caring and dedicated person

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Public Health Initiative of the Year

    This award recognises the most important public health initiative of the year – whether that be directly related or indirectly related to the coronavirus pandemic. There have been many initiatives to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic – and many more to try to negate the effects of the virus on other diseases. This award is for the greatest achievement in public health – an initiative that has saved lives and improved public welfare.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    The judges will choose:

    1) A public health initiative that has had widespread appeal.

    2) An initiative that has improved public health in a measurable way.

    3) An initiative that has helped patients cope with Covid – whether they be covid or non-Covid patients

    4) A measure that can be shown to have worked well.

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Research Paper of the Year

    This award recognises the best piece of research conducted in Ireland that does the most to advance knowledge of medicine and disease – with a particular emphasis on the current pandemic. We have seen the incredibly speedy response science has made to the appearance of the virus in terms of producing a vaccine response. This award goes to a paper that has produced original research that has helped us understand or combat the virus in some way – or equally, helped develop our understanding of another non-Covid19-related disease.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)
    The judges will be looking for:
    1) The originality of the theme and result
    2) The usefulness of the research and its practical application
    3) Where the research has been used

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Student Project of the Year

    The student project of the year is the best student project produced in Ireland during the past year. These have been extraordinary times for students – and particularly for medical students. Despite the difficulties, students have continued their work and this award seeks to reward the project that shows the most important advances in healthcare and medicine.

    Criteria the judges will consider:
    1) The depth and level of work involved in completing the project
    2) Its relevance for patients and medicine
    3) Difficulties in overcoming Covid restrictions (if any)

    Your entry must follow our  Entry Guidelines

    Excellence in Healthcare Management

    This award is to recognise excellence in healthcare management – particularly where it shows a demonstrable patient benefit. This award covers the entire spectrum of healthcare in Ireland – from hospitals to general practice to healthcare institutions or all kinds.
    This year it will focus on Covid-19 management – both of the disease itself, and the management of other illnesses during the pandemic. The judges are looking for excellence in strategy, conception and execution.

    € 235.00 +VAT (23%)

    Judges will be looking for:

    1) Demonstrable patient benefit

    2) Covid-19 management

    3) Management of other illnesses

    4) Excellence in strategy, conception and execution

    Your entry must follow our Entry Guidelines