Entries now close
Friday 10 September

In all of future human existence, the year of 2021 will never be mentioned without reference to the pandemic that changed the whole world. Medicine, of course, was directly affected, and this is reflected in our awards this year.

We have tried to remember that disease and illness continue during a pandemic – and that some of the most heroic efforts in this time have been the maintenance of services in areas other than Covid-19. And yet, Covid-19 has dominated everything – from socialising to business to family life – the coronavirus has changed everything and impacted on everything.

In that context, it is difficult to think of recognising people in medicine who have not been directly involved with the Covid-19 pandemic, and yet, that is the job. One disease does not have priority over another – either in medicine or in life.

So we have attempted to aim our accolades at those who have triumphed in these difficult times – whether they were directly involved in the Covid-19 fight or not. And we have one specific award designed to acknowledge the efforts of an individual or institution in combatting the effects of the pandemic. But while we have also included Covid-19 work in our other categories, it is not the only path to victory.

We look forward to receiving entries for the 2021 Irish Healthcare Awards over the coming weeks and months and urge everyone who knows of outstanding work to enter. Aside from the usual recognition that come with the awards, there is the extra incentive this year to remember and reward the medical community for their incredible work in saving lives, dealing with illness and disease under the shadow of a pandemic, and risking their own lives and health to save others.

We wish all entrants good luck in submitting their awards, and with a bit of luck and a fair wind, we might all be meeting up to celebrate Irish medicine again later this year.

Terence Cosgrave
Irish Medical Times